Migne's Patrologia Græca

The Religion and Technology Center is pleased to announce the availability in electronic form of Migne's Patrologia Græca. Long a classic, this series of more than 160 volumes remains the most comprehensive record of Greek patristic material in existence. Though many of the works covered in the series have been published more recently in various critical editions, Patrologia Græca remains the only published source for much of the material, and the completeness of coverage is unsurpassed by other modern editions of similar material.

The electronic form of Patrologia Græca (Electronic PG) has been digitized in image format, thus greatly reducing the cost while preserving the appearance of the original pages. The tables of contents of Patrologia Græca are notoriously vague and unhelpful, so we have created completely new and comprehensive electronic tables of contents in our version. Although full-text searching will not be possible with the images, metadata searching (including such items as patristic writers and titles of works in Latin and English) will be possible (metadata searching is not yet available in our online sample, below).

We plan to create a true, full-text (XML) version of Patrologia Græca in the future, and customers who buy the image version now will be entitled to an upgrade to the full-text version for a price equal to the difference between the full-text and image versions. In other words, there is no penalty for purchasing the image version early. With our version of Patrologia Græca, there is no leasing of the data, paying for the same content year after year. Users who purchase Patrologia Græca will own their copy of it, and libraries will be able to put it on servers for their students to use, or they will be able to create DVD-ROMs of individual volumes for circulation through the library.

Patrologia Græca is available online (verified by IP address or password) and in a set of 16 DVDs. Pricing varies for institutions and individuals.

The base price of Patrologia Græca for institutions is $3,000, plus the cost of delivery. Consortial pricing is available. We offer special prices for individuals and for institutions outside North America and Western Europe. For more details on pricing, see below.

Please review the following selected volumes of Patrologia Græca online at no charge. You may also click here to see the full list of Patrologia Græca volumes (an online subscription is required to view the contents of each volume).

PG 4: Dionysius the Areopagite, Pt 2

PG 36: Gregory of Nazianzus

PG 49: John Chrysostom

Prices for Patrologia Græca - all prices quoted in US dollars

Note: For institutions or individuals outside of North America or Western Europe, please contact us directly via e-mail for price quotations. We offer substantial discounts to purchasers from economically disadvantaged countries.

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Sample Institutional Purchaser Agreement (PDF)

For questions about or to place an order for Patrologia Græca, please contact us at info@reltech.org or 210-363-8230.

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